Tactical Athlete Prep Course

This class will challenge Police Academy hopefuls and veterans alike.  Participants will be tested and fortified physically and mentally and challenged in ways they never thought possible.  

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The profile exam stands to test the mettle of Broward County's finest. This series of exercises and obstacle course serve as a way to standardize and prepare Law Enforcement hopefuls for the rigors of a 25-30 year career. One thing is for certain, in five and a half months in the Institute of Public Safety at Broward College, you will be forever changed.

Push-Up Pull-Up Prep Workout

This program is designed to supplement and enhance preparation for the pull up and push up tests on the Police Academy Profile Exam.

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LEO Specific Training

Prepare for the physical and mental demands of academy life and a 25 - 30 year career in law enforcement.

Tactical Athlete Performance Training

The Law Enforcement Officer is a unique breed of athlete. Constant vigilance and preparedness are paramount. | Police Academy | Personal Trainer |

Start Strong, Finish Strong

Learn and establish training principles to last a lifetime, beyond the call of duty. Forge durability, always be ready.